There are two kinds of ketchup-lovers. The ones who put it on the side, and the ones who pour it all over their french fries (eew)

It doesn’t work the same for book lovers. There is too much choice -audio books, e-books, books books and who knows what else.

Let’s face it though, there is a very real reader’s dilemma. Hardcover Vs Paperback.

Paperback pros and corresponding cons

  1. Cheap: Easily saves you 15+ dollars when compared to a hardcover book. So you can actually purchase the entire Zuckerberg ‘Year of books’ reading list without spending an entire paycheck. -Will look all frail and worn by the time you get to the last book.
  2. Versatile. Can be folded and bent. Great for reading in uncomfortable places like a crammed train/bus, and in comfortable places like the bed. –Bending and folding easily breaks the spine and so you can’t actually read the book, what with the pages falling out
  3. Mobile: Very lightweight and non-bulky. Can easily fit into a bag and still leave you room to put your vitamin water too. -The water will damage every page of the book.

Hardcover Pros and corresponding cons.

1.Look good: Dust jackets usually have great textures outlining the font, embossed inner covers and generally better designs than paperbacks. –You pay extra extra for that pretty dust jacket.

2. Look good on the shelf: Want to impress your guests with your reading collection? Hard cover books more often than not come in the same size which makes for a very stellar looking shelf and avoids an uneven setting. -So expensive you probably won’t be able to fill an entire shelf.

3. Durable: The hard cover is optimized to protect the inner pages making it more resistant to weathering and damage. The spine never breaks. -The book isn’t very mobile and versatile anyway so you can’t actually test it out for durability.

Personally, because of my vanity I like hardcover books. Only problem is, my purse is vain too and likes its money.

What kind of reader are you?