There comes a time during the week where the thought of chopping onions seems worse than having to file your taxes. So you put your shoes on and venture out in search of salvation. This past week, that time came. And salvation came in the form of a 3 course meal at East Ender.

For starters, I had the marinated olives. 

I’ve never had olives and nuts in the same dish. So this was an interesting combination of flavors. While it is difficult to discern the marinade, the orange zest add a freshness that cleanses the oily pallete. The serving size seemed to be more for two people.

For mains, I had the duck breast tartine

The bread on this dish was fresh but with a tough crust. Not an entirely easy meal to eat. The sauerkraut was crunchy and flavorful. However, combined with gruyere cheese AND thousand island, the flavors seemed to overpower  the delicate duck breast. The duck-breast in itself was done with some pink, and on its own, carried a nice sweet flavor. Perhaps this dish would do for a lunch, not a dinner meal.

For dessert, I shared some of my partner’s chocolate torte.

The sticky butterscotch on this dish paired well with the smooth and velvety texture on the torte. While the butter-scotch was sweet, The torte itself had a nice consistency and was not overly-rich. A welcome contrast that I wouldn’t feel too guilty indulging in. Some crunch or tart would have done well to complete the dish.

Side of fries with a rye cocktail in background

East Ender was always a mystery to me, being in the heart of the old port yet somehow never fully occupied. The mystery was solved and quite frankly, I could understand why. The meal, while not bad, was not memorable. The chocolate torte and the french fries seemed to salvage our entire experience. This because our service was not present and rather slow for a Thursday night. For a restaurant where you expect a nice quaint and relaxed dinner, the establishment did not do much to lull the loud and borderline obnoxious table next to us either. In essence, the East Ender did not fulfill what it makes itself out to be. And we did not know what to make of it either.

Food: 6.8

Ambiance: 7.0

Service: 7.0

Overall FAS rating: 6.9