We’ve all been there. You know what I’m talking about. Getting to the till and watching the numbers triple down. It is at that moment that you realize you do not really need that gluten-free, non-gmo, organically-sourced potato.
Yes, Grocery shopping. There is ways to beat the system. If you are tired of spending two times what a family of 4 would spend, this list is for you.

1.Whole Foods? More like Whole paycheck!

We’ve all heard this one before. I understand that you’re paleo now. And vegan. But we also know that you will have to pick up two extra shifts to sustain this whole foods lifestyle. Cheaper grocery stores such as Walmart or Hannaford carry just as much non-animal tested products as Whole foods or co-ops. For a fraction of the cost. Let’s be honest, you probably only shop there because it makes your pantry look fancier. Spare us. Spare you!

2. Top to Bottom.

Its been known that grocery stores tend to put the median priced items at eye level. So unless you are 7″giant, you are not looking at the most suitably (read: cheap) priced items. Look up and you are looking at the most expensive. Look down and that’s where you are guaranteed to make a saving. Yes it doesn’t look flattering bending over to buy 3 cheap bottles of wine, but trust us, that’s the least of your concerns.

3. Stock up before you stock up.

Why do you have 3 different kinds of Oreos? You don’t even like peppermint. Why is that even an Oreo flavor? Golden rule No 3. Do not go to the grocery store hungry. It never works. Your mind plays tricks on you. It’s like going to an all you can eat buffet. Except the food is at a la carte price.

4.Have a plan. Always have a plan.

Its as simple as this. Going to the store with merely an idea of what you want is awesome. Until its not. Of course you want to make coconut fish this week. But you probably don’t know that you need coconut cream for it and not an entire coconut. Making a list is two fold. This way, you don’t get unnecessary items. And this way you don’t forget anything. Win-win!

5. M& Ms are the best

Mondays and Mornings. The beginning of the week and/or of the day are usually the best for grocery shopping. Fresher produce, less traffic. Except weekends, avoid that all together if you can. Because everyone is thinking the same thing. Stay woke!