The video of the song ‘Where are U now’, performed by Justin Bieber, Skrillex and Diplo is perhaps some of the finest forms of collaboration I’ve seen this decade.

Granted, the coming together of these music artists of different genres produced a great song. The visuals used in the video, however, are a phenomena to be marveled at on their own. The video basically comprises various artists drawing on each frame of the video and the works being collated into an interactive masterpiece.

In this instance, the vulnerability of the musician to let the artists be part of HIS kind of art was essential in the overall success. It wasn’t for the money that these artists came out in large numbers to draw. It wasn’t their appreciation of, or prowess in music that brought these people out in large numbers.

It was their love of art, and their love (or hate) for the artist that enabled everybody to be a part of his success.

Some would call this crowd-sourcing. As Justin called upon other people to further his objective. In my opinion, this goes beyond crowd-sourcing and into collaboration. Contextually, Justin did not call upon other musicians for their input on making a great video. He called upon a completely different skill and talent-set to create a new form of art.

Collaboration is not necessarily a form of crowd-sourcing. In any case, it is a result.

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