In college, I had this crazy theory that the world could somehow work purely through collaboration. So when Talendrr was first imagined, it was to be some sort of Tinder for Talent. The vision was to redefine collaboration. Where people who needed other people’s talent to make something happen would ask for it. In turn, people who wanted to help other people make something happen would help.

That idea evolved over time and I guess I got greedy and wanted to make money off of the technology. Ironic.

Oprah advises to find out what it is you are resisting that is stopping you from realizing your dream/passion/calling. She says to let go of the image and entitlement you have set for yourself and watch as everything plays out the way it’s supposed to. Granted, I’ve also been reading and listening to a lot of Seth Godin, a great writer and blogger, who talks about the ‘Lizard Brain’, the resistance mechanism we all have which wants us to follow the masses instead of creating art.

It has been a personal battle over the past two months deciding whether to let go of the vision to be a tech entrepreneur who creates virtual internships, or commit to blogging full time to prove the theory right. My resistance comes in that I enjoy writing, but it never seemed as hip as being a silicon valley guru.

I’ve decided to commit to writing and redefining collaboration.

In one of Seth Godin’s marketing speeches, he talks about a man who bought a brisket furnace to start a restaurant. And the way he started this restaurant was calling upon 10 people to help him make it the best brisket joint in town. And it worked! 10 people who really believed in his vision all put their resources together and made what is today one of the best brisket places in New York.

What Seth Godin saw, was a great marketing strategy. What I saw was collaboration at its finest.

Oprah was right.

I love writing and experiments. So I will prove the collaboration theory through the same. Disclaimer: It could take a week, or it could take 5 years. But if you are willing to come with me on the journey, then by all means.

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