It was one for the books. Football fan or not, the Super Bowl this year was a roller coaster. A comeback that gave resilience a new dimension, a performance that gave courage a new definition. For whatever reasons you watched the game, there were lessons everywhere.

Impressive was the unrelenting effort put in by the members of the winning team, and the strategies employed to turn the game around. Granted, one cannot blame a loyal fan for losing hope halfway through.

There comes a self-awareness when a team is not playing as well as they can. But also the humility to recognize a true challenge.

If you’ve been following my posts keenly, you may have noticed that my OTAT posts took a hiatus. It came to a point where I noticed that I am up against an industry where mainstream sells and click-bait wins. But also recognized that my writing was not improving. Leaving me stuck.

You may have experienced the same in your life. A moment where you feel that your work isn’t appreciated, or your love isn’t reciprocated. And you make all sorts of justifications, even valid ones.

But dear reader, wallowing in this push and pull only causes stagnation at best and resignation at worst.

How do you overcome it? It requires a shift in mindset. Drop the pride. Acknowledge that you are faced with a challenge that will require you to acquire new skills and strengths, and recognize that the effort you have been putting, while may have worked before, will not cut it for this part of the journey. If necessary, look at what is at stake. Your safety, your financial well-being, a championship title.

And then act accordingly. Whether it is making small incremental movements forward, like taking skill-improvement courses; or making bolder moves, like completely changing your website design.

Then, notice how just one push, can cause a domino effect.

A setback is only a setback if you settle back.

Keep moving forward. One yard after another. One play after another. One win after another.