This year you resolve to do some physical activity everyday.

And so on one particular day, you decide to go for a run. Even with a storm imminent. Because winners do not make excuses. Except, as soon as you step out, it starts pouring. The storm is an hour early.

You keep going, but it’s getting harder to see and harder to run. So you take a detour and head to an indoor facility one mile away. But now it is icy, the road’s in a frenzy and it’s getting dark. You have to think smart and head back home. So you decide to be strict on your vision but flexible on your approach. You can still do some yoga at home.

Getting home is proving to be a challenge in itself. Cars are rushing past. splashing water on you on their way. Nobody let’s you cross the road. At this point you realize that not everybody will help you or give you time of day.  Some people are too busy thinking about their own success to notice yours. While others, simply do not care to see you succeed.

Then finally, somebody stops to let you cross. And you’re grateful. Because someone out there notices how hard you are trying. They didn’t just give you space to cross the road, they gave you a connection to the other side. A leg up on your journey.
But just when you think you’re in the clear, the storm gets rougher. The wind is impenetrable, it breaks your umbrella. And now you’re soaking wet. It feels like you are facing obstacle after obstacle. You’re worried you won’t make it home. You start to think it was a terrible idea to get out of the house in the first place.

When you finally make it home, you’re cold, traumatized and tired. But above all, you’re glad. Because at the end of the day, you gave it your best. And most importantly, you can now get some Yoga done. Because you didn’t go through all that just to give up in the end.

Side note: How are your new Years resolutions? Apparently by now 90.8% of people have broken theirs. And now that you know this, don’t be one of them.