You could know nothing about steaks, but surely you’ve heard of a ‘New York strip‘. It’s just one of those things you know. So we made it one of those things we ate.

Hanging in Times Square was a big banner ‘Benjamin’s steakhouse, #1 steak in New York.’

You can’t judge us for taking the bait.


For starters we had alcohol. Because even with our reservation for 9pm, we had to wait an hour at the bar to get seated. There was no way we would have all courses seeing as the kitchen closed at 11.

For a main, I had the Rib eye steak, with a side of asparagus.


And because I checked in on Yelp, I got a complementary cheesecake for dessert.

‘The steak was awesome. Well seasoned and perfectly medium rare. I should have probably got a different cut of meat though, because upon cooling, it got a bit chewy. The asparagus was excellent. I did feel like I was in a nice dining establishment despite how busy it was. Disappointed at the level of service for the cost of the meal. Also not pleased that they lost our umbrella at coat-check. The bar-tender was the best server of the night.

Food: 8.6
Ambiance: 8.2
Service: 6.2


By the time Sean’s meal came, he was on his 3rd drink. So we must take his ratings with a grain of salt. He had the New York strip, with mashed potatoes. And then steak fries for dessert?


‘Steak was cooked to perfection,. Mashed potatoes were also made just the way I would want them done. Steak fries were a bit overcooked but I’m not complaining. Expensive but well worth the money for that quality. Waiter was helpful and attentive to what we needed even though the place was extremely busy. High end place that lived up to the billing.’

Food: 9.1
Ambiance: 7.6
Service: 8.3

Overall, before you go to Benjamin’s steak house, be prepared to spend big bucks and wait. Reservations do not seem to matter at this establishment given its popularity. Looking for value for steak? This is the place. Steak cuts are massive and cooked to order.

Pro-tip: seating preference according to how you dress. So dress nice. Benjamin’s is recommended if you are looking to channel your inner Don draper and close a big account.

Overall Benjamin’s Steakhouse FAS rating: 8.0

Accompanied by: Sean Welker- Steak freak, Verified carnivore.

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Benjamin’s Steakhouse, Dylan Hotel NYC, 52 E 41st St, New York, NY 10017