The decision to go to SeaDog Brewing Co. was based on us wanting to go to a place we were familiar with, made good drinks and was casual and affordable enough for a lazy Friday. Also, we had reason to celebrate.

I had a classic pub food Beer burger:

Beer Burger* // Pan-braised in Blonde Ale, topped with beer cheese, beer braised onions and our beer mustard. Served on a pretzel bun. 11


Sean started his Thanksgiving early with the turkey and gravy

Hot Open-Faced Turkey & Gravy // House roasted turkey with homemade gravy, mashed potatoes, our own “stuffing bread” and cranberry sauce. 13


I was well aware that Seadog was convenient and affordable. Sean was well aware that he was too hungry to wait for a home-cooked dinner.

So very objectively, here are our respective reviews on the FAS (Food, Ambience, Service) scale.


Quality of Whiskey Sour was great. Our service was pretty slow so it took us a while to get our drink orders in. Food took too long to come out. Turkey was overcooked but otherwise the rest of the meal was good.

Food: 6.1

Atmosphere: 4.6

Service: 3.5



The burger pattie was perfectly medium and the pretzel bun was good. Not a fan of the beer mustard.  Overall the food was disappointing even for pub food. Our waiter wasn’t present so unfortunately only managed to have one drink the entire time. We got a live performance at the very end so that was a nice touch.

Food: 4.1

Ambience: 5

Service: 5



Average factor rating= e.g (Food+Food)/2

Overral FAS rating = Total Average factor ratings/3

Seadog Brewing Co. FAS rating: 4.72

This restaurant is recommended if you plan to watch a game, to distract from everything else happening/not happening, or if you plan to have a casual party for a decent meal price. Definitely not a date location, although you could use it to break up with your significant other, because the waiter won’t come to the table often.


Company: Sean Welker- My partner in crime and food enthusiast

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Seadog Brewing Co. Menu

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