Sebago brewing was our first choice for a post-Black Friday shopping meal. Cozy, not overly fancy, yet nice enough for a couple’s thanksgiving.

Famous for their selection of draft beer, it was necessary to abandon the whiskey for the night and conform.


For starters, I ordered my favorite kind of seafood, calamari.

Naked Calamari

Pan-roasted, onions, cherry peppers, garlic, white wine, marinara sauce, grilled baguette – 11 (GF)


To keep up the seafood spirit, I ordered a seafood pub special, Haddock,for an entree.

Baked Haddock New England

Baked North Atlantic haddock, bread crumbs, mushrooms, scallions, garlic butter, white wine, parmesan, choice of two sides – 19


The starter was spectacular. The sauce was perfectly balanced and spicy. The calamari was cooked to perfection. The bread was somewhat chewy so it was skipped. I wasn’t much of a fan of the Haddock. The cheese topping threw me off. The big serving size was overwhelming. Our service was great. She went as far as giving me samples of the beer to pair with my meal. The beer was good. Light and great as a palate cleanser.

Food: 5.4

Service: 9

Ambience: 7


For an entree, Sean had steak, mashed potatoes and replaced the asparagus with fries -because calories.

100% Grass Fed Tenderloin Filet*-

8 oz. center-cut, bleu cheese butter, garlic mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus spears – 24.5 (GF)


For dessert, he had anything with chocolate on the menu.

Molten lava chocolate cake

Served with Vanilla Ice cream and whipped cream


The food was good, although the steak was cooked a little more rare than I requested. Dessert was excellent and a great way to finish off the meal. Service was excellent. The waitress was very attentive to any needs and very prompt. Ambience was okay, seemed a little awkward as far as the seating set up went. There was not much energy in the restaurant.


Ambience: 5.3

Service: 8.4


Overall, Sebago brewpub is great for a casual laid-back experience. For family gatherings at the dinner section, second Tinder dates in the open seating area, or a mid-season game at the bar. The beer selection seems to lean more towards the IPAs (Seasonal?). The staff is very present and you are guaranteed to have your needs met. The portions are enormous and borderline insulting. Not recommend for those on a diet for whatever reason.

Sebago Brewing FAS rating: 7.2

Accompanied by: Sean Welker, chocolate lover and steak enthusiast

Topics discussed: Childhood and teenage years, thanksgiving.

Sebago brewing menu