One does not simply attend Restaurant week without creating a dedicated award segment. Or perhaps that’s just me. ┬áMoreso to be a Portlander right in the heart of restaurantlandia, it is necessary to channel your inner James Beard.

So what did we like, what did we love and what did we adore? Yes, positive vibes only.

Best presented dish.

This was a close one between the Maine Board at Sur-lie, The pork belly at Sur-lie and The panna cotta at Tuscan Brick oven Bistro.

*Cue Oscars music.*

The award for best presented dish goes to the Pana cotta from Tuscan Brick oven bistro. Also sweeping the prize for best Pana cotta.

Best flavor combination.

In this segment, I was looking for the dish that presented a balance between cohesiveness and complexity of flavors. Dishes that impressed were the sausage ragout at Little Tap house, the flat bread at Tuscan brick oven and the sur-taters from Sur-lie.

And the award goes to: The sur-taters from Sur-lie


Best textures in a dish.

Here, we looked for a dish that employed at least three textures from firm, soft, velvety and crisp.It was challenging picking between, sur taters and panacotta from sur-lie, the flat bread and panacotta from Tuscan Brick oven and the spinach salad from little tap house. And I almost do not want to have to pick. But the Grammys do NOT share awards or disqualify an award, therefore, the award goes to

The flat bread from Tuscan Brick oven bistro.

For most creative dish.

Sur-lie took all nominations for this category. From the crispy pork belly, to the sur-taters to the pana cotta. The elements of each dish at Sur lie seemed to be very deliberate while ringing an edge to otherwise regular dishes. Despite their sticking to regular menu items, they pana cotta was a new addition.

The award then, goes to the Pana cotta. For its very creative spin which I almost did not understand.

Best overall dining experience

I was very conflicted between Sur-lie and Tuscan Brick oven Bistro for this. Despite the ratings, I thoroughly enjoyed the food at Sur-lie. However, because they seemed to present what was on their regular menu and not the traditional ‘specials’ that foodies seek during restaurant week, This award goes to

Tuscan brick oven Bistro.


See you next year!