Friday nights are for going out into the town. But a smart Friday-patron will know not to drink on an empty stomach. So combine a gastro-pub with 3 courses for 35 dollars and you’ve got yourself an ideal pre-game destination. Ours was the Little Tap house.

For starters, I had the spinach salad, with candied pancetta, blue cheese and oven-cured grape tomatoes.

The grape tomatoes salvaged the dish with the fresh olive oil. I’m never too fussy about presentation, however I didn’t get the sense that any thought had gone into the look of ¬†the dish. Especially after discovering that the blue cheese was all under the spinach. Which may have been deliberate, but was more inconvenient than was pleasing. The spinach in itself was bruised and lacked the freshness I craved. The candied bacon brought the flavors to life, but was too tough on the tooth. Overall I wasn’t much of a fan.

For mains I had the penne with sausage ragout and ricotta.

The pasta in this dish was cooked to perfection. Thoroughly  enjoyed the textures and flavors the sausage presented. The ricotta felt a bit much and almost overpowered the dish but after pushing some of it aside, I was able to enjoy the ensemble. The sauce that brought the dish together was light and sweet, offsetting the salty sausage. I wished there had been a bit more.

For dessert, I had the pana cotta, with local honey and berries.

At first, I wondered why the pana cotta had been put into a mason jar. Maybe to complement the rustic nature of the restaurant? Nonetheless, not a very good design element for a dessert whose pleasure is derived from seeing the wobble. The panacotta disintegrated as soon as I placed it on my tongue. Perhaps not enough gelatin to hold it together? Again, the berries were bruised and the honey felt like more of an afterthought than an element of the dish.

You can probably tell I wasn’t too impressed by the meal at little tap house. Compared to the dishes in their regular menu, the restaurant week menu under-performed. The atmosphere within the restaurant is lively. With a separate area for a more casual setting and another for intimate dinners. Definitely a solid choice for the beginning of a night out in the town. The staff was very polite. However, we were served by so many different waitstaff that it was hard to keep track of who was actually running our show. Would I go back? Definitely, but only for the regular menu.

Food: 7.0

Atmosphere: 8.6


Overall FAS rating: 7.9


Regular menu

Restaurant week menu