After a long weekend of running errands and going out, Sunday evenings are the kind that make you wish you had a personal chef to cook up a hearty meal. So when restaurant week rolls around, and you see that you can get 3 courses for 45 dollars at an Italian restaurant, you don’t just take it. You grab it and drive 20 miles to redeem it.


For a primi, I went with the flatbread with lamb, Brussel sprouts, spinach, peppers, onions and ricotta and balsamico.

A nice chewy crust with a slight crunch. A crunch also discovered in the shaved brussel sprouts and complemented with a creamy ricotta base.The balsamic vinegar, lightly drizzled on the top gave a subtle sweetness that brought out the flavor of the roasted red peppers.. A nicely balanced dish, perhaps a bit large for a primi, but then again, perhaps just large for me.

For Secondi, I had the skillet duck breast, mushroom risotto and baby carrots, asparagus and a red wine demi glaze.

I was excited to dive into my secondi. Mostly so because just from looking, I could tell there would be a crisp on the skin. And upon first bite, I was right. With a nice char, and a perfect pink, the duck was the star of the show. Unfortunately the under-cooked risotto took away from the meal. While it had a lovely mushroom flavor, it lacked the creaminess which makes risotto. The baby carrots also seemed to vary in done-ness but added a pleasant visual element to the dish. A nice light reduction that just barely missed the mark on its consistency.

For dessert, and I’ve realized has become a staple during this restaurant week was Vanilla panacotta, lemon curd, berry reduction, whipped cream and berries.

A nice wobble on the dessert that did not come at the expense of the texture. I was thoroughly pleased and impressed by the sight of the vanilla caviar. The very fresh vanilla flavor blended with the rich lemon curd and gave the much needed texture required when having panacotta. The blackberry reduction cut through the sweetness of the dish and gave a fresh touch. I hope to see this added onto the regular menu.

Tuscan Brick oven Bistro is one to write home about. The food on the restaurant week menu did not stray too far from their regular menu and still employed the seemingly standard 5+ elements in a single dish. An interior decor which provided unpretentious elegance and comfort while exhibiting simplicity. The music and overall feel made for a vibrant atmosphere while still giving the benefit of class. However, there was a very fine line that would have been easily distorted and mistaken for a family restaurant. The staff was very attentive, making the dinner enjoyable and serving our meals in timely fashions yet still giving us ample space to enjoy our company. Definitely an experience to remember.

Food: 8.9

Atmosphere: 9.3

Service: 9.3

Overall FAS rating: 9.2


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