Given it costs an arm and a leg to get anything in New York, chances of finding a representative meal under 5 dollars were looking bleak.

Alas! We found that The Big Apple is booming with delicacies right under that price point. From one dollar pizzas at 2 bros pizza, to food cart pretzels on every corner, New York is not without budget food choices.

Trust me, after reluctantly paying double digits for two bottles of water during a Broadway show, a wallet needs redemption.

Now nothing screams the big city like a New York Slice. And what better place to get some than at a pizzeria called ‘A slice of New York’.
Address: 727 8th Ave, New York, NY 10036

Two slices of regular cheese slices @$2.00 each

The crust was the winner of the show. Crisp upon bite, then met with a light soft dough. You could tell it had been leavened sufficiently, possibly twice. Standard new York flop, which did not tear from the weight. The pizza sauce was well balanced. With just the right amount of sweet tomatoes and hints of basil. Cheese tasted fresh with minimal grease which is always appreciated. Two sufficiently filling slices.

I do not say it lightly. I ate copious amounts of Pizza in New York. But this took the cup. And I’ll remember it for years to come.

Rather at least until Domino’s diminishes my faith in Pizza again.