Maine is known for lobstah and blueberry pies, New Orleans for beignets. New Hampshire? Not particularly a culinary destination. But with sufficient time and/or a designated driver, you could get an entire 20 minute Smuttynose Brewery tour AND tasting for a whooping 4 dollars.

At this price point, you expect a hunched over middle aged man with a less than enthusiastic scowl on his face. But what we got was similarly different. We got a middle aged young adult, (it’s a thing), who tried his best to act as if he hadn’t given the tour ten thousand times.


Depending on the day, and time, your group size may vary. A detailed history of the brewery is explained, complete with names and dates. What you may appreciate too, is the loyalty and pride displayed by the staff. It almost makes you want to abandon your 9-5 corporate job and relish in the seemingly rewarding company culture. Then again, the beer is already reason enough.

Next is the tour inside the brewing floor. Which granted was not so much of a tour. Picture standing in the midst of the big cylinders and watching as the tour guide explained illustratively how the beer goes from barley to your favorite ipa. You do get a chance to touch the malt. A welcome surprise.

Finish your tour off with 4 samples of your choice of brew.

If you are more touristy, pop into the gift shop and grab a couple cases of Smuttynose  6 packs or T-shirts. Unfortunately this is not covered in the cost.

Or if you want to try your hand at some food and drinks, hop (ha!) into the bar/restaurant.

Great value for your dollar I’d say!


Directions -Pro-tip: You will second guess Google maps on the way to the farm. A long winded deserted road. But trust me, you’ll get there.